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Mac OS Leopard/Snow Leopard Fix for timezone settings that keep resetting to the defaults

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Timezone Settings

If you have ever suffered from the problem in Mac OS X 10.5/10.6 (Leopard/Snow Leopard) where no matter what you do your time zone settings keep resetting to the Cupertino defaults there might be an easy solution around.

This actually also seems to be quite a common issue when migrating from 10.4 (Tiger) to one of the newer versions on a different Mac.

In the finder, select Go -> Go to Folder... (or press Shift+CMD+G) and enter "/etc" as the path to go to like this:

Mac OS Finder: Go to folder /etc

Now, locate the item called "localtime". Depending on your scenario this could be either a folder, a file, or an alias.

Mac OS Finder: /etc/localtime

Delete it, empty your trash, Mac OS will recreate it as soon as needed.

Now open your Date & Time -> Time Zone preferences, set your time zone and this time it should actually be saved.

Good luck


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